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Why details matter

furnishing detailsPeople perceive things differently. It’s natural and there’s no way of actually telling if we see the same object in the same way. Of course, we can describe what we see and be very detailed about it, yet language is known for its imperfection and can’t actually transfer what’s we’re seeing and generally experiencing. There’s always a place for mistake. Then, there’s interpretation – the person we’re relaying our experiences to automatically interprets what we’re saying and uses his or her own lenses. The world we experience is never objective, yet there are certain things we can use to make it more attractive and eye-catching.

The powerful details are the answer. Although, as everything in this world they aren’t to be seen in the same light and way as everything else, they have the certain power of attraction that can be used for our purposes. After all, it’s the powerful details that distinguish things from the background and make them visible for us. Without such powerful details a lot of things wouldn’t simply exists. They would melt away into the grey background and never catch our attention. This fact of the power of the details relates practically to everything. One good example is furniture.

Furniture and powerful details

Furniture is of course quite a broad topic. There are various styles, designs, materials, colours, sizes and shapes. This multiplicity is very often difficult to comprehend and possible variations and connections are basically endless. Yet, one thing is certain – it’s powerful details that make given furniture stand out. No matter the style and design and all the previously mentioned elements furniture won’t be great if it’s bland and there’s not a single detail that can distinguish it. What’s interesting, it’s especially important in case of modern design and style.

Modern design is mainly defined by minimalism, simplicity and functionality. These three features have one thing in common – they are generic and focused on cleanliness. This two aspects of modern design features very often means that details disregarded and discarded as useless. After all, details aren’t often functional, they aren’t following the rules of simple design and they are in opposition to minimalism, details add to things are make them more not less. Of course, it’s not always true and in case of powerful details they can actually work well with modern design. Yet, in order to achieve this they must be carefully thought over and made with emotions and artistry.

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