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Faux suede versus genuine

Fabrics and materials play a huge role when it comes to arranging your home interiors and choosing proper furniture. Think of sofas, armchairs and chairs that can make all the difference and finally set off your rooms. No matter their shape, size, overall style or detailed choice of finishes there’s no effect if fabrics are dull and boring. If sofas’ and generally furniture’s  fabrics and materials that are visible at first aren’t drawing attention and aren’t attractive stunning final effect is simply lost. Beauty lies in what we can see at the very first sight, therefore it’s really important to pay attention to such things as furniture’s upholstery.

When it comes to sofas and furniture in general there are two basic choices. You can either decide to have natural materials and fabrics such as leather or suede or you can go with artificial materials and synthesised fabrics. No matter your choice you should always keep in mind that there’s no rule saying that natural fabrics are always better and that faux suede isn’t worth your time and money. There are certain situations and circumstances when natural supple leather works best but in other cases it’s faux suede that meets your needs.

Faux suede sofa

What’s interesting, faux suede has a lot of interesting characteristics that make it sometimes even better then genuine suede. First of all, this material doesn’t fray easily. Whereas natural suede has a tendency to fray over time there’s no such a problem with synthetized one. What’s more, faux suede can look really outstanding and shiny. It’s  because it doesn’t mat. It’s surface remains as it is at the very beginning – smooth and shiny. This fact that it doesn’t mat also distinguishes it from genuine suede, which over time can substantially mat.

Finally, there’s one more advantage of faux. It’s much cheaper than genuine. When you combine it’s durability, easiness to wash and clean with competitive price you can be sure that choosing faux suede can be a really good choice. What’s more, at first sight faux suede doesn’t really look much different from the natural one. Therefore, its aesthetic qualities aren’t much different or worse from genuine suede.

Finally, faux suede makes great sofas and armchairs. They look really beautiful and there’s no risk of fraying or matting over time. What’s more, they are also pretty easy to clean or even wash. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about  accidental spills or damages. They are easy to deal with and do no harm to your faux suede sofa.

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