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Modern design indicators

Modern times mean there’s need for modern everything. Therefore, modern becomes a kind of buzzword that’s used in all kinds of contexts. As a result, there’s modern design (all encompassing keyword), modern household, modern architecture, modern layout and basically modern everything. Of course, there’s nothing bad in being modern but you can’t simply lose yourself in this overwhelming modernity. What can be done to find your way among all these modernities and make sense of them?

First of all, it’s best to define what’s modern and the best way to do it is to use the word modern in context. Let’s focus on modern design. What’s modern design and how can you recognize it? Modern design currently refers to three key features of home interior and outdoor design. These three key features are minimalism, simplicity and functionality. What all these key features look like in the context of modern home interior design?

In case of home design minimalism refers basically  to the minimal number of things in a given space. As a result your home interiors and rooms look empty and there’s no clutter of unnecessary things or decorative elements. There’s no one element that’s out of place or that’s unnecessary. Everything that’s there is essential and needed for a given room to function.

Simplicity as  related to modern home design is the second essential key feature. What’s interesting, simplicity is very often mistaken with minimalism. It’s not surprising since both simplicity and minimalism both can have similar effects – empty looking and clearly organised spaces – they aren’t the same. Simplicity basically refers to uncomplicated forms and plain design. In practice in can also take form of clearly organised spaces but in reality it can be different. There can be  a lot of things in a given space which are plain  and simple, but still many.

Finally, functionality. It’s the easiest of modern design features to comprehend. Whereas simplicity and minimalism can be challenging and difficult to grasp, functionality is what it stands for. Basically, it refers to the fact that all modern home interiors should be equipped and furnished with state-of-the-art appliances that have many functionalities and are very practical. Therefore, functionality is simply all about functions and their practical use.

Modern design in life

Still, keep in mind that modern design is truly modern if these three key features are combined. Modern interiors are clearly organised with carefully planned spaces dedicated for given tasks. They appear empty because there’s nothing that’s unnecessary and all the highly functional and practical appliances are hidden.

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