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What’s modern craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is currently an overused word. It’s like a buzzword that’s frequently used in many contexts and some of them are irrelevant. Still, the power of the word lingers and remains in the corners. Craftsmanship is used to describe such things as variety of artistic creations, business and hand-made products. What’s interesting, it’s also used in a variety o seemingly far and detached contexts like the ones referring to online marketing, computer graphics and many more. It seems like there’s no end to craftsmanship.

What’s more, there is even new term recently coined – modern craftsmanship. What does it refer to and why does modern have anything to do with traditional hand-made business that craftsmanship stems from? Modern craftsmanship refers basically to the artistry of hand-made things that have quality design and work. Such things and products can be easily distinguished from others by their unique artful form and love for details. All these things greatly explain what’s craftsmanship, but what about word modern? What does the word modern add to the art of contemporary craftsmanship?

The word modern in the context of craftsmanship adds one new quality that hasn’t been present before. Modern makes contemporary craftsmanship belonging to contemporary times. As a result things that modern craftsmanship is so proud of are things that belong to our times and are typical of them. There aren’t any things that are outdated, old-fashioned or unnecessary in today’s world. All modern craftsmanship products are relevant in contemporary times and therefore useful. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they are only highly practical things which can’t belong to the sphere of art and artfulness. They can be both practical and artful, but one thing is certain – they can’t be  awkward or out of place. That’s modern craftsmanship in its very essence.

Comfortable sofas

If the idea of modern craftsmanship still seems a little vogue, it’s best to present an example. Think of modern sofas that are like contemporary works of art combining the highest artistry of traditional craftsmanship with modern trends and techniques. As a result hand-made sofas can be easily distinguished from other types of sofas and can be truly appreciated for their inner beauty. Of course, there’s plenty of types of hand-made sofas – some of them are all made in workshops with tender hands of a given craftsman or artisan, other have just a touch of such artistry – sofas with artistic finishes and embroidery. Anyway, all example of modern craftsmanship deserve attention and should be valued for the tenderness and time that they are created with. Time and tenderness are true values of hand-made products. All of them, not only sofas.

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